Intro to Adobe After Effects (Winter 2021 Production Intensives) - Waitlist Only

Intro to Adobe After Effects (Winter 2021 Production Intensives) - Waitlist Only

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This workshop is currently full. Please choose waitlist from the drop down below if you would like to be notified if a seat becomes available. If you are interested in registering for the entire series, please make a note of that during the checkout process. If you have any questions, please email

Expand the possibilities of your films by getting a primer on Adobe After Effects, a powerful and essential tool used by professional editors to create animated graphics, special effects, and much more. Whether the software’s complexity has daunted you in the past or you’ve dabbled but wish to understand more, this workshop will help you choose which functions are best suited to improve your creative projects and provide a solid foundation for further exploration.


Session A: 11:00am-12:30pm


Session B: 6:30pm-8:00pm

(3 hours of instruction over two days, with at-home project to be completed between the two sessions)


SESSION A (11:00am-12:30pm on Saturday, February 13)
The following skills and topics will be covered:

  • Software Overview - Understanding the interface and diversity of tasks that After Effects can be used for.
  • Data Management - Organizing your media prior to and during the edit.
  • Demo Presentation - Viewing a sample project on how to animate a moving logo over a background.

Using provided assets, or your own project footage, animated a moving logo over a background.

SESSION B (6:30pm-8:00pm on February 23)
Share your animated logo, then receive feedback from classmates and the instructor, who will answer any questions which may have arisen during your process. Additional resources will also be shared for continued learning with the software.

Skill Level:
Introductory. Those who are interested in deeper learning can continue on to take Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects on February 27 and March 2

Online, via Zoom. All workshops will be live-captioned.

Required Materials:
A computer or tablet which can access Zoom and shared Google Drive files. An Adobe Creative Cloud membership or free trial are also required. If you have questions about Adobe Creative Cloud or need access to a NWFF computer or laptop, please email our Education Manager at to explore options.

Recommended for:
Ages 17+. Anyone who wishes to enter the local film and video production industry, high school and college students over 17, those who are interested in freelancing, and creatives looking to turn their hobby projects into professional works. Women and nonbinary students age 17-26 who complete all the workshops can apply to become RG Pro as paid apprentices. Email for more information!


RG Pro Apprentices on the set of our "State of Innovation" project!


An ongoing series of modular film production workshops designed to provide young and budding filmmakers with training opportunities around the fundamentals of film. Eligible participants who complete the entire series have the opportunity to become an apprentice of Northwest Film Forum’s production company, RG Pro.

To adapt to COVID-19, our online education offerings are slightly different from previous iterations of the Production Intensives workshops, with a deeper focus on pre-production, livestreaming, and post-production.