Sundance Film Festival 2021 x Northwest Film Forum Panels & Workshops

Northwest Film Forum is proud to be a Sundance Film Festival Satellite Venue this year! We will be hosting four virtual conversations and panels covering a diversity of topics, and all will be sliding-scale, pay-what-you-can, $0-$25.

All Sundance Film Festival events hosted by NWFF will take place via Zoom and be subtitled.

Film screenings will be hosted via Sundance, with a discount code for Northwest Film Forum members. Please e-mail to receive your Sundance discount code as a member.

For full details on our partnership, please see our announcement.



Our Right to Gaze: Models for BIPOC & LGBTQ+ Empowerment in Film

The independent film industry is sustained by numerous inequities that exclude BIPOC and LGBTQ+ filmmakers from telling their stories, including access to film financing and feasible ways to make a living as a filmmaker. This 90-minute, non-expert-led, interactive session will center on dismantling industry gatekeeping, disrupting independent film distribution, and empowering BIPOC/LGBTQ+ creators to tell their stories.

Family Histories: Archival Explorations in Personal Documentary Filmmaking

Film can serve as memory, leading us to explore and understand our individual and collective paths, by unearthing histories in deep and meaningful ways. In this panel, filmmakers from around the country provide commentary on using archival footage to tell their own tale of upbringing.

Future-Minded: Youth Activist in Conversation with Peter Nicks of Homeroom

The third film in his trilogy, Peter Nicks’
Homeroom is a tantalizing case study around public school systems that are not equipped to prepare youth for young adulthood. Centered in Oakland but relevant to any major city, this intimate conversation takes place between Nicks and a young activist who has experienced such challenges within their own community, and ties the film topics in with local youth-led movements and the larger fight for equity.

Grantmakers in Film

How are grantmakers around the country showing up for artists and filmmakers in a year of COVID-19? What best practices are they adapting and how are they incorporating artist services, fiscal sponsorship, mentorship, and other services for emerging artists? Presenters from organizations representing and serving a diversity of communities, locations, and award sizes share their thoughts around the current landscape and also what to expect for the years ahead.