Sundance Film Festival 2021 Panels & Workshops


Documentary Inspired - Strategies, Resources and Community for Realizing Your Film


“Learning filmmaking in an inclusive and supportive space has given me so much confidence on set, and it’s taught me so much about the importance of community in everything I do. I’m beyond grateful for the impact RG Pro has had and continues to have on my life.” - Elise Ferencz, RG Pro Apprentice

Production Intensives Filmmaking Workshops (Jan-Mar 2021)


Production Intensives Workshop - Winter FY21 (Entire Series)

RG Pro provides training, mentorship, professional development, and early career production experiences. In addition to our Production Intensives series, we offer professional media production services for nonprofit and for-profit clients that are committed to supporting equitable change in the industry.

Women and nonbinary students age 17-26 who complete all the workshops can apply to become RG Pro as paid apprentices.

The entire series is no longer available. If you are interested in signing up in a future quarter, or joining the RG Pro Apprenticeship Program, email us!

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Jan. 16: Intro to Producing for Film & Media w/ LJ Cronin

The first course in our Production Intensives series will introduce you to the materials, skills, and workflow required to turn a short non-fiction video or film from a concept into a full-fledged professional production.

Topics: Project Planning, Crews & Roles, Budgets, Pre-Production, Invoices & Accounting

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Jan. 23: Producing On-Set w/ LJ Cronin

Building on our Intro to Producing workshop, you will receive in-depth guidance on how to manage a safe, equitable, and efficient set as a producer. All the skills and practices taught will be beneficial to any crew member on a production; they establish baseline knowledge and a feminist framework for on-set productions.

Topics: COVID-19 Safety Plans, Green Film Productions, Running a Feminist Set, and Set Etiquette.


Jan. 30 & Feb. 2: Scriptwriting & Storyboarding w/ Kalee Quiñones

Dive into standard screenwriting format and learn how to storyboard for both narrative and documentary projects! With a dynamic workshop structure that blends presentation with time for practice and feedback, you may choose to work on your own projects or practice with provided scripts and prompts.

Topics: Script Types, Screenplay Formats, Storyboarding Techniques

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Feb. 6 & Feb. 9: Livestreaming & Virtual Production w/ Lev Betron

Livestreaming and virtual video production are now essential tools for communicating with the public, and these skillsets will continue to be vital for the foreseeable future. This workshop will provide an overview of livestreaming technologies at an introductory level.

Topics: Livestream Workflows, Open Broadcaster Software (OBS), Virtual Tour of Pound Studios, Livestream Productions

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Feb. 13 & Feb. 16: Editing in Adobe Premiere Pro w/ Tifa Tomb

Learn the essentials of editing in Adobe Premiere Pro Creative Cloud, which has become an industry standard editing software for film and video. This workshop will frame your learning within a professional workflow and offer an understanding of basic tools and layouts.

Topics: An Editor's Role, Data Management, Project Basics, Sound & Color, Media Exports

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Feb. 20 & Feb 23: Intro to Adobe After Effects

Expand the possibilities of your films by getting a primer on Adobe After Effects, a powerful and essential tool used by professional editors to create animated graphics, special effects, and much more. Choose which functions are best suited to improve your creative projects and provide a solid foundation for further exploration.

Topics: Software Overview, Data Management, Demo Presentation

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Feb. 27 & Mar. 2: Motion Graphics in Adobe After Effects

A follow-up to Intro to Adobe After Effects, this workshop will teach you how to modify existing templates to create customized animated graphics and special effects which you can incorporate into your edit. Learn how to seamlessly connect After Effects with Premiere Pro and gain experience with a high-demand skillset which is often used on RG Pro Projects.

Topics: Custom Graphics, After Effects Templates, Working Across the Adobe Suite

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Join RG Pro's Apprenticeship Program

Women and nonbinary students age 17-26 who complete all of the Production Intensives workshops can apply to join RG Pro as paid apprentices and gain real life job training and on-set work experience.

Simply head to ANY individual workshop page to purchase the entire 7-class series and receive 15% off the full tuition. E-mail with any questions.